Custom Biochemistry Services

Custom Biochemistry Services: Personal Service from Boston Biochem + State-of-the-Art Resource Capabilities from R&D Systems


Boston Biochem Custom Biochemistry Services provides an experienced and effective research partner for your protein biochemistry needs. Our fast turn-around time will alleviate bottlenecks and significantly increase your research productivity.

Drawing on over 60 years of combined experience, we offer a flexible, confidential, and collaborative approach to working with our clients spanning the academic, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology marketplace.


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Protein Production and Expression

Protein production routinely requires expression in either prokaryotic or eukaryotic organisms.  Backed by the tremendous resources of R&D Systems, our expression services can be customized to fit the scale and complexity of your project.  We can deliver required quantities of cell paste, or continue with downstream processing and purification.

E.coli Expression

Baculovirus Expression

Mammalian cell Expression

Large-scale Fermentation

Protein Purification

Boston Biochem has extensive expertise in protein purification from starting materials including bacteria, yeast, insect, plant, mammalian cells, and blood and solid tissue sources.  Using a wide variety of chromatographic procedures, we can develop de novo methods to purify milligram to gram scale amounts of protein from starting materials generated in-house or provided by the client.  A detailed report is provided to the client to ensure reproducibility of results.  Whether you are looking to create an entirely new protocol or enhance an existing one, Boston Biochem is equipped to handle your protein biochemistry assignment.

Protein Characterization

We offer a range of methods to characterize your protein and determine its various physical properties.

• Charge heterogeneity and purity using cIEF and CE-SDS

• Solubility and Freeze-thaw stability testing

• Enzyme activity determination

Assay Development

Depending on the specific properties of your protein, we can develop activity and functional assays.

• Plate-based enzymatic assays using real-time or end-point measurements

• ELISA Assays

• HPLC-based assays

• Gel or Western blot assays, including high-throughput Westerns using Protein Simple hardware

• AlphaLISA assay development

Customized Products

Our entire catalog of enzymes, reagents, proteins, and antibodies are available for both customization to your needs as well as bulk manufacture.