Characterization of Polyubiquitin Chains, by the Ubiquitin Leader

Boston Biochem has partnered with IQ Proteomics™ to provide custom services for analysis of your ubiquitinated protein.  Using the Absolute Quantitation of Ubiquitin (AQUA) technique developed in the Gygi Lab at Harvard Medical School, we can provide quantitative characterization of the different ubiquitin linkages present in your sample.

What is AQUA? 

AQUA is the Gold Standard for characterizing polyubiquitination. Unlike other methods such as Western blots, AQUA reveals both the type and relative abundance of all polyubiquitin chain linkage types in protein samples.  Customer-supplied samples are processed and mixed with isotopically-labeled synthetic peptide standards.  The mixture is analyzed using an LC-MS/MS technique known as Parallel Reaction Monitoring (PRM). By comparing the signals from sample peptides and standards, a quantitative value is generated for each type of polyubiquitin chain linkage present in the sample.  

The AQUA Process

Available Services

  • Polyubiquitin linkage analysis: User-submitted samples are analyzed to determine both the type and relative abundance of polyubiquitin linkages.
  • Custom SRM/PRM services: We develop custom 15N-labeled synthetic peptide standard(s) and assay for analyzing ubiquitination of your protein of interest!
  • Monitor ubiquitination at a specific site(s) on your protein
  • Follow target ubiquitination in time course experiments or following cell stimulus


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