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AQUAPure™ Ubiquitin chains from Boston Biochem give you the best research tools for your money. Enzymatically generated, rigorously purified, and carefully characterized using state-of-the art AQUA-PRM technology, you can be completely confident that our chains will work in your most technically demanding applications.

No mutations or synthetic techniques are used in our manufacturing process, thus eliminating contaminants found in other commercially available Ubiquitin products.

In the figure to your right, a Boston Biochem Ubiquitin dimer generated using enzymatic methods (top panel) and a competitor Ubiquitin dimer (bottom panel) were analyzed by HPLC using a Zorbax 300SB-C18 column (details available upon request). The Boston Biochem dimer elutes in a single clean peak at 26 minutes. In contrast, the competitor’s product elutes as a series of peaks in the 21−26 minute range. The appearance of multiple peaks consistently coincides with a smeary appearance of poly-Ubiquitin products when analyzed by SDS-PAGE.

Unanchored (free c-terminus) polyubiquitin chains have been identified as potent and essential components in signaling pathways with functions just now starting to be discovered.

Ubiquitin Chains