Material Data Sheet

SUMO3 Agarose

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Catalog #: UL-765

SUMO3 Agarose

500 µL
Data Sheet: 

SUMO3 covalently coupled to agarose beads via primary amines allowing for a fully functional C-terminus. Useful for isolation and capture of SUMO3 interacting proteins such as the SUMO activating E1 enzyme, the SUMO carrier enzyme Ubch9, SUMO E3 ligases, SENPs and other proteins/enzymes that have an affinity for SUMO proteins.

Product Information

0.5 ml of SUMO3 agarose is supplied in a 1 ml total volume of 50 mM Hepes pH 7.5, 250 mM NaCl.

Use & Storage


Equilibrate resin by washing with 5-10 ml desired start buffer. Binding and elution of material is dependent on individual experimental conditions.


The agarose can be re-used for at least 5-10 applications if properly maintained. After use, clean resin with 5ml 50 mM Tris pH 9.0, 1 M KCl. Remove cleaning solution by washing resin with 5 ml storage buffer. Resin should be stored at 4°C and 0.01% sodium azide can be added as a bacteriostatic agent. DO NOT FREEZE.



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