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Biotin Poly-Ubiquitin/Ub2-Ub7 WT Chains (K48-linked)

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Biotin Poly-Ubiquitin/Ub2-Ub7 WT Chains (K48-linked)

50 µg

Linkage specific poly-ubiquitin chains are used to investigate mechanisms of chain recognition, binding and hydrolysis by the proteasome, deubiquitinating enzymes, E3 ligases or other proteins that contain ubiquitin-associated domains or ubiquitin-interacting motifs (UIMs).  Lys48-linked chains are abundant in vivo and act as a universal signal for proteasomal degradation.  This product is formed with wild-type human recombinant ubiquitin and linkage-specific enzymes.  This mixture of poly-ubiquitin chains contains di-ubiquitin and higher MW species; mono-ubiquitin has been removed. These chains have been modified with biotin via primary amine coupling.  This results in multiple biotinylated species modified at the N-terminus, as well as lysine residues.  Biotinylated ubiquitin can be detected using avidin-linked reagents.

Product Information

lyophilized powder
Aqueous solutions up to 5 mg/ml

Use & Storage


Typical concentrations will depend on specific assay conditions and method of detection.


Solubilized solution at –20°C. Avoid multiple freeze/thaw cycles.

> 90% by SDS-PAGE




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