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Tetra-Ubiquitin/Ub4 (K63-linked) Rhodamine 110

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Tetra-Ubiquitin/Ub4 (K63-linked) Rhodamine 110

50 µg
Data Sheet: 

Linkage specific poly-Ubiquitin chains may be used as a substrate for in vitro reactions with deubiquitinating enzymes ("DUB's") that cleave the peptide or isopeptide linkage between adjacent Ubiquitin molecules.  K63-linked tetra-Ubiquitin chains are manufactured using recombinant wild-type human Ubiquitin and linkage-specific enzymes.  The use of purely enzymatic techniques avoids the potential for contaminating synthetic intermediates. 

This fluorogenic substrate is intended for use with deubiquitinating enzymes that are unable to use mono-Ubiquitin-Rh110 (U-555) as a substrate, or enzymes with activity that is stimulated by poly-Ubiquitin chains. The substrate consists of a K63-linked tetra-Ubiquitin chain with a single rhodamine attached to the C-terminus of the proximal Ubiquitin.

Product Information

X mg/ml (X µM) in 50 mM HEPES pH 7.0, 50 mM NaCl
35 kDa
> 95% by SDS-PAGE under reducing conditions and visualized by Colloidal Coomassie Blue stain

Use & Storage


K63-linked tetra-Ubiquitin Rhodamine 110 is ideal for use in assays requiring fluorescent detection of deubiquitinase activity. Optimal fluorescence at pH 8.0 is monitored with excitation and emission wavelengths of 485 nm and 535 nm, respectively.  Reaction conditions will need to be optimized for each specific application. We recommend an initial concentration of 0.1-1 μM.


Store at -80°C.  Avoid multiple freeeze/thaw cycles