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His6-Ubiquitin w/K48 only N-Term Biotin

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Catalog #: UB-HK480

His6-Ubiquitin w/K48 only N-Term Biotin

50 µg
Ideal as an alternative to radio-labeled ubiquitin, with detection by avidin-linked reagents. Allows for poly-ubiquitin chain incorporation of biotin-N-terminal ubiquitin with higher efficiency and detection sensitivity than traditionally modified biotin-ubiquitin. Produced via a proprietary process resulting in a single biotin modification exclusively on the N-terminus of ubiquitin. This ubiquitin mutant contains only a single lysine (K48) with all other lysines mutated to arginine, and is able to form poly-ubiquitin chains with other ubiquitin molecules via the K48 lysine only.

Product Information

Soluble in aqueous buffers up to 20 mg/ml.
9.3 kDa
> 95% by PAGE
This is a lyophilized powder

Use & Storage


Depending on desired signal strength and assay conditions, biotin-N-term Ub should be used in conjunction with native ubiquitin at combined concentration range of 10-50 μM with a 1:2 to 1:20 ratio of biotin-N-term Ub: native Ub, respectively. Typical amounts for a 20 μL reaction: 250 ng to 2 μg biotin-Nterm- Ub, 5 μg native ubiquitin. Poly-ubiquitin chain visualization/quantitation can be performed via avidin-linked detection.


Store at -20°C once reconstituted. Avoid multiple freeze/ thaw cycles.



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