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Methylated Ubiquitin-13C 15N

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Methylated Ubiquitin-13C 15N

100 µg

Isotopically labeled ubiquitin is useful in determining total cellular concentrations of ubiquitin, or
determining the ratio of free- to substrate-bound ubiquitin using the protein standard absolute
quantification (PSAQ) or related methods. Reductive methylation of lysine residues renders ubiquitin
unable to form poly-ubiquitin chains via lysine linkages with other Ub molecules. Methylated Ub can form
an E1-catalyzed active thioester at the C-terminus allowing the molecule to be transferred to the lysines of
substrate proteins in a mono-ubiquitinated or multi-mono-ubiquitinated fashion.

Product Information

9255.5 Da (> 95% labeled)
> 95% by SDS-PAGE
Aqueous solutions up to 50 mg/ml
Lyophilized Powder

Use & Storage


Typical amount for use as an internal recovery standard is approximately 1 μg per gram of protein lysate

Lyophilized powder at 4 Degrees C. Solubilized stock solution at -20 Degrees C. Avoid multiple freeze/thaw cycles.



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