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SUMO Conjugation Negative Control Peptide Substrate, Biotin

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Catalog #: SP-305

SUMO Conjugation Negative Control Peptide Substrate, Biotin

20 µg

This biotinylated peptide serves as a negative control and contains a scrambled version of the consensus motif sequence (SP-300). It will not be conjugated to SUMO-1, SUMO-2 or SUMO-3 proteins in the presence of the E1 activating (SAE1/SAE2) and UbcH9 conjugating enzymes. The biotin group allows for sensitive and convenient detection using avidin-linked reagents.

SUMO modification of proteins occurs on lysine residues generally found within a short consensus sequence containing the ψΚXE motif. This motif consists of ψ which represents a large hydrophobic amino acid (isoleucine, leucine or valine), K is the lysine that becomes modified, X is any residue and E is glutamic acid. The glutamic acid is the most highly conserved position other than the lysine.

Product Information

1.53 kDa, (11 residues in length)
Soluble in aqueous buffer up to 5 mg/ml.
This is a lyophilized powder

Use & Storage


Add stock to in vitro or in vivo assays at desired concentration. Recommended concentration range is 50-100 μM depending on conditions.

Store stock solution at -20°C. Avoid freeze/thaw cycles.
≥ 96.2 % by HPLC.



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