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XIAP Ubiquitin Ligase Kit - Diablo Substrate

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XIAP Ubiquitin Ligase Kit - Diablo Substrate

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The RING-finger Ubiquitin E3 ligase X-Linked Inhibitor of Apopotosis Protein (XIAP, also known as API3, BIRC4, IAP3) is an important regulator of cell survival/death.  The BIR-domains of XIAP have been reported to directly bind and inhibit Caspase 3 and Caspase7, and also function to inhibit Caspase 9.   XIAP ubiquitinates numerous proteins in apoptosis and/or NFκB pathways including Diablo (Direct IAP-binding protein with low pI, also known as  Second Mitochondrial-Derived Activator of Caspases, or “SMAC”), an apoptosis promoting protein.  Certain isoforms of Diablo bind to and activitate the autoubiquitination of XIAP, resulting in the proteasomal degradation of the ligase.  This kit is designed for in vitro XIAP-mediated ubiquitination of user-supplied substrates.  Ubiquitinated proteins can be used in downstream applications, or analyzed by Western blot using antibodies specific for the target protein.  A control substrate, His6-Diablo (789-SM), and detection antibody (AF789) are included in the kit.


NOTE:  Kit contains reagents sufficient for 10 x 30 μl reactions and 5 Western Blots (mini-gel format).


Store protein components at -80oC. Avoid multiple freeze/thaw cycles. Loading Buffer may be stored at room temperature. Mg2+-ATP and α-Diablo antibody may be stored at -20oC.



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