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RNF4 Ubiquitin Ligase Kit - di-SUMO3 Substrate

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RNF4 Ubiquitin Ligase Kit - di-SUMO3 Substrate

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RNF4 (SNURF) is a RING-finger ubiquitin E3 ligase that ubiquitinates and mediates the proteasomal destruction of PML/RARα, a fusion protein that is a hallmark of acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL). APL can sometimes be treated effectively with arsenic trioxide, which induces PML/RARα modification by small ubiquitin-like modifiers (SUMO). RNF4 subsequently binds to and ubiquitinates the poly-SUMOylated PML/RARα, thereby targeting it to the proteasome.

RNF4 contains four SUMO-interacting motifs (SIMs) that function to recruit this ligase to a variety of poly-sumoylated substrates. RNF4 will autoubiquitinate in vitro, and will also ubiquitinate poly-SUMO chains. This kit is designed for in vitro RNF4-mediated ubiquitination of user-supplied, poly-SUMOylated substrates such as PML, PEA3, CENP1, and PARP1. The resulting proteins can be used in downstream applications, or analyzed by Western blot using antibodies specific for the target protein. A control substrate, di-SUMO3 (ULC-300) and detection antibody (MAB2959) are included in the kit. 

NOTE: Kit contains reagents sufficient for 10 x 30 μl reactions and 5 Western Blots (mini-gel format).


Store protein components at -80oC. Avoid multiple freeze/thaw cycles. Loading Buffer may be stored at room temperature. Mg2+-ATP and α-SUMO antibody may be stored at -20oC.



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