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cIAP-2/HIAP-1, His10-tag

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cIAP-2/HIAP-1, His10-tag

50 µg
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Cellular inhibitor of apoptosis protein 2 (cIAP-2, also known as BIRC3, API2, and HIAP-1) is a member of the inhibitor of apoptosis (IAP) family of proteins that inhibit the proteolytic activity of mature caspases.  Structurally, cIAP-2 is comprised of 3 BIR (baculovirus inhibitor of apoptosis) domains, a RING finger domain, and a caspase recruitment domain (CARD).  The ring finger domain of cIAP-2 functions as an E3 ubiquitin ligase to ubiquitinate specific targets such as RIPK1-4, CASP3, 7, and 8, TRAF1, and BCL10.  cIAP-2 is an important regulator of innate immune signaling via regulation of Toll-like receptors, Nod-like receptors and RIG-I receptors, collectively known as pattern recognitions receptors (PRRs).

Product Information

X mg/ml (X µM) in 50 mM HEPES pH 8.0, 500 mM NaCl, 10% Glycerol (v/v), 5 mM TCEP
71 kDa
>85% by SDS-PAGE under reducing conditions and visualized by Colloidal Coomassie Blue stain

Use & Storage


Recombinant Human cIAP-2/HIAP-1 is a RING finger Ubiquitin ligase (E3) that functions downstream of a Ubiquitin­activating (E1) enzyme and a Ubiquitin­conjugating (E2) enzyme to conjugate Ubiquitin to substrate proteins. Reaction conditions will need to be optimized for each specific application. We recommend an initial cIAP-2 concentration of 0.2­-1 µM.


Store at -80°C.  Avoid multiple freeze-thaw cycles.