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NleL Catalytic Domain

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NleL Catalytic Domain

100 µg
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NleL (Non-Lee-encoded effector Ligase, also known as espX7) is an effector protein translocated into host cells viat the type III secretion system of Escherichia coli O157:H7, a widespread pathogen causing severe foodborne diseases.  Although the biological relevance of NleL is presently unknown, recent studies clearly demonstrate that this protein is functionally related to the HECT (Homologous to E6AP Carboxy Terminus) class E3 Ubiquitin Ligases of higher eukaryotes.  NleL shows no primary sequence homology to any eukaryotic proteins, but biochemical and structural studies revealed both N-terminal and C-terminal lobes connected by a flexible linker, and a catalytic cysteine that accepts ubiquitin from E2 carrier proteins, both hallmarks of HECT domain ligases.  NleL catalyzes the formation of mixed K6 and K48-linked unanchored polyubiquitin chains.  This recombinant protein contains amino acid residues 170-782 (UniProt Q8X5G6 numbering).

Product Information

X mg/ml (X mM) in 50 mM Hepes pH 7.5, 150 mM NaCl, 10% glycerol, 1 mM TCEP
87 kDa
>90% by SDS-PAGE

Use & Storage


Typical enzyme concentration to support conjugation in vitro is 0.1-0.5 μM depending on experimental conditions.


Store at -80°C. Avoid multiple freeze/thaw cycles.