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UBE2F, His6 tag

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UBE2F, His6 tag

100 µg
Data Sheet: 

UBE2F accepts the ubiquitin-like protein NEDD8 from the NEDD8 E1 complex and catalyzes its covalent attachment to other proteins. The specific interaction with the E3 Ubiquitin ligase RBX2, but not RBX1, suggests that the RBX2-UBE2F complex modifies specific target proteins, such as CUL5. UbcH12 (UBE2M) is another NEDD8 E2 conjugating enzyme which interacts with RBX1 and targets different types of cullin substrates. The UBE2F and UBE2M enzymes thus represent a hierarchical expansion of the NEDD8 conjugation system in establishing selective culling RING ligase activation which influences substrate sub-type NEDDylation.

Product Information

X mg/ml (X μM) in 50 mM HEPES pH 7.2, 50 mM NaCl, 10% (v/v) Glycerol, 1 mM DTT
23.2 kDa
> 95% by SDS-PAGE under reducing conditions and visualized by Colloidal Coomassie Blue stain

Use & Storage


Typical enzyme concentration to support conjugation in vitro is 100 nM-1 μM depending on conditions. 


Store at -80°C. Avoid multiple freeze/thaw cycles.