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OTUD7B/Cezanne, His6 tag

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OTUD7B/Cezanne, His6 tag

50 µg
Data Sheet: 

OTU domain-containing protein 7B (OTUD7B), also known as cellular zinc finger anti-NF-kappaB  (Cezanne), is a C64 type peptidase and a member of the ovarian tumor (OTU) protein super-family with a predicted molecular weight of 93 kDa. The human protein shares 90% amino acid sequence identity with its mouse ortholog.  Cezanne has been reported to cleave K48-, and K63-linked poly-Ubiquitin chains, and also to display a preference for K11-linked chains. It has been shown to play a role in the negative regulation of NF-κB signaling, possibly by deubiquitination of RIPK1 and TRAF3. This recombinant protein contains a C-terminal 6-His tag.

Product Information

X mg/ml (X µM) in 50 mM HEPES pH 7.5, 100 mM NaCl, 1 mM TCEP
93 kDa
>85% by SDS-PAGE

Use & Storage


Typical enzyme concentration for use in vitro ranges from 0.1-1 mM depending on conditions and substrate.


Store at -80°C and avoid multiple freeze/thaw cycles.