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100X 20S Proteasome Activation Solution

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Catalog #: B-30

100X 20S Proteasome Activation Solution

100 µL
Data Sheet: 

This buffer contains a detergent solution for use in the chemical activation of constitutive 20S and immuno 20S proteasome enzymes including human (E-360), rabbit (E-350), rat (E-375), and mouse.

Product Information

3% SDS

Use & Storage


Dilute to 1X for a final concentration of 0.03% in assay.  Dilute in reaction buffers prior to adding proteasome (do not add directly to solutions already containing proteasome).  Use with peptide substrates containing arginine residues (S-290, S-300) is not recommended, as precipitation of the substrate may occur.  In these instances non-chemical activation may provide better results.


Store tightly capped at room temperature.  If stored at -20°C, make sure reagent is completely thawed and well-mixed before use.