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SUMO-interacting Motif (SIM) Peptide Agarose

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SUMO-interacting Motif (SIM) Peptide Agarose

500 µL
Data Sheet: 

Three different amino acid consensus motifs have been identified as mediating SUMO binding and/or interaction. These SUMO-interacting motifs (SIMs) all contain a hydrophobic core sequence with a stretch of acidic amino acids either at the N- or C-terminus. Many SIMs also contain one or more Ser or Thr residues which are potential phosphorylation sites in vivo. Studies indicate that the SIM hydrophobic region is essential for mediating binding to the α-helix and β2- strand surfaces on SUMO proteins. The negatively charged residues surrounding the hydrophobic core can influence binding affinities and can dictate binding preferences for the various SUMO isoforms. This affinity resin is derived from a PIAS sequence, and can be used for the enrichment, isolation and identification of SUMOylated proteins.

Product Information

0.25 ml SIM peptide agarose supplied in a 0.5 ml total volume of 50 mM Hepes pH 7.5, 250 mM NaCl.

Use & Storage


Equilibrate resin by washing with 5-10 ml desired start buffer. Binding and elution of material is dependent on individual experimental conditions.


The agarose can be re-used for at least 5-10 applications if properly maintained. After use, clean resin with 5 ml 50 mM Tris pH 9.0 , 1 M KCl. Remove cleaning solution by washing resin with 5 ml storage buffer. Resin should be stored at 4°C and 0.01% sodium azide can be added as a bacteriostatic agent. DO NOT FREEZE.



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