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Through a fundamental academic research approach for the development of new products, Boston Biochem is required to fully understand the ubiquitin-related pathways, proteins and enzymes that we work with and produce. Data from the characterization of Boston Biochem's new products result in releases and highlights with experimental detail, product use, biological relevance, enzyme specificity and selectivity, and applications.

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Small Molecule Inhibitors

-Proteasome Inhibitors
-DUB Inhibitors
-Ligase Inhibitors
-P53 Inhibitors
-E1 Inhibitors 

2011 New Products
All Lysine Chain Linkages
Ubiquitin Binding Domains


FRET DUB Substrates
DUB Tools

-DUB enzymes
-DUB probes
-DUB profiling
-Ubiquitin binding entities
-K11-linked ub chains

DUB Substrates 2

-Ubiquitin - AMC
-Ubiquitin - AFC
-Ubiquitin - RH110

K11-Linked Chains
Affinity Matrices

-Ubiquitin Agarose
-APG Agarose
-UFM Agarose
-SUMO Agarose
-NEDD8 Agarose
-FAT10 Agarose

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