Product-based Scientific Posters

Through a fundamental academic research approach for the development of new products, Boston Biochem is required to fully understand the ubiquitin-related pathways, proteins and enzymes that we work with and produce. Data from the characterization of our new products result in meeting-presented scientific posters. These posters describe in experimental detail, product use, biological relevance, enzyme specificity and selectivity, and applications.

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DUB Discovery Tools

- DUB enzymes
- Ubiquitin-fluor substrates
- Di-ubiquitin isopeptide substrates
- Linkage specificity
- FRET based substrates
- 26S associated DUBs

DUB Substrate Alternatives

- FP based substrates
- Ubiquitin-Aminoluciferin (AML)
- Increased sensitivity assays
- Kinetics of low activity DUBs

HSP/CHIP Protein Triage
-Functional Heat Shock Proteins
-Luminescent readout
-Potential for refolding proteins
-K-290, K-300 and K-310 kits
MDM2 p53 Ubiquitination
-High activity MDM2
-Recombinant UBE4B
-p53 multi-monubiquitination
-K-200B kit
New, Full-length DUBs

- Kinetic characterization
- USP25

Non-hydrolyzable Ub Chains

- DUB resistant chains
- Various linkages
- UBA binding studies
- RIG I signal transduction

SUMO-Related Discovery Tools

- SENP enzymes
- SUMO-fluor substrates
- SUMO chain substrates
- SUMO mutants
- SUMOlation substrates