Boston Biochem and EpiCypher awarded grant for Ubiquitinated Nucleosomes

Scientists from EpiCypher and Boston Biochem have teamed up to produce the first in a line of Ubiquitinated Nucleosome Reagents, and have been awarded a Phase I SBIR grant to accelerate their development efforts. 


EpiCypher is a leading supplier of epigenetic research tools, providing a broad product range that includes recombinant nucleosomes, modified “designer” nucleosomes (dNucs), histone modifying enzymes, histone peptide arrays and antibodies in addition to their epigenetic screening services.  According to Boston Biochem scientist Dr. Greg Costakes, “EpiCypher’s reputation for quality products and attention to detail made them the obvious choice for co-developing these reagents. There’s a paucity of useful research tools at the intersection of the Ubiquitin-Proteasome-System and epigenetics, and we’ve begun to address it.”


“Our goal is to deliver tools and reagents for critical unmet needs in the epigenetics space. Histone monoubiquitination functions as a major signaling center, playing key roles in gene regulation and DNA damage repair. This collaboration with Boston Biochem will provide access to high quality ubiquitinated nucleosome substrates for basic research and drug development applications,” states EpiCypher Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Michael-Christopher Keogh.