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UbiCREST (Ubiquitin Chain Restriction Enzyme Analysis) KIT- AVAILABLE NOW.

UbiCREST kits, developed in the Komander lab and under exclusive license to Boston Biochem, Inc., are designed to analyze the ubiquitin linkages present in free polyubiquitin chains or polyubiquitin chains conjugated to a substrate protein. The UbiCREST approach utilizes the linkage specificity of the ovarian tumor domain (OTU) class of deubiquitinases (DUBs) to characterize the linkages present in a sample containing polyubiquitin.

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Heat Shock Protein (HSP) Portfolio Launch
  • the only functionally tested Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs) available
  • pre-formed experiment ready dimers
  • HSP activity kits
  • ubiquitin ligase and HSP interaction kits
  • validated antibodies
  • inhibitors and substrates

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